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Panasonic Announce K & L Series Aquarea Range with Natural Refrigerant

Panasonic Announce K & L Series Aquarea Range with Natural Refrigerant

Panasonic launched their first Aquarea heat pump in Europe in 2010 and every year they have been improving the functionality, performance, user-friendliness, and efficiency of their systems. 


Panasonic’s Aquarea air to water heat pumps are suitable for residential and commercial applications, offering capacities from 3kw all the way through to 16kW. The Panasonic Aquarea range is the widest on the market, ensuring a system is available whatever your heating and cooling needs. Suitable for new build and refurbishment projects, a solution encompassing their products will be cost-effective with minimum impact on the environment. 


The new K and L series will initially be launched in the highperformance range, with sizes from 3 to 9kW in the K series R32 refrigerant splits and sizes from 5 to 9kW in the L series R290 hydraulic link and hermetically sealed outdoor unit. We expecting to see the first models arriving in the UK during Spring 2023, with other models expected later in the year. 


The Aquarea L generation uses the natural refrigerant R290 (propane) which has a Global Warming Potential (GWP) of only 3. In addition to the ecological benefit, R290 offers high performance. This makes it ideal for residential air-to-water heat pump applications.  

The newly designed construction of the outdoor unit offers a high security level since the unit is hermetically sealed for a simple and flexible installation.


The new Aquarea K and L generations benefit from a lower noise level, up to 8 dB(A) less than the previous models. This makes the installation more flexible because there are more placement options. This new noise level provides extra comfort. In addition, the new design of the outdoor units ensures that they blend seamlessly into any environment.


The use of propane allows a water outlet temperature of up to 75°C. The new generation of Aquarea is therefore particularly suitable for renovation and applications where a high temperature is required for hot water and radiators.


With an ever-higher level of performance for greater savings, the new Aquarea models have an improved COP of up to 5.33. The models of the HighPerformance range are particularly suited for new buildings or well-insulated homes. 

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