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Oceanair Opens Dedicated A2W Training Centre

Oceanair Opens Dedicated A2W Training Centre

Oceanair opened its new dedicated air to water heat pump training centre in Mansfield in the Autumn of 2022.  

This new training centre which backs on to our existing warehouse has space for 13 people to attend and it’s not just for engineers, as designers, electricians, and surveyors are all welcome.   

The training centre has working models of 2 of the most popular Panasonic monobloc heat pumps demonstrating good examples of electrical and hydraulic installations.   

Most of the training is being delivered by Steve Rush who has wealth of heat pump experience.  Roland Gurner (Roly) Oceanair’s in-house heat pump specialist assists with the design and bespoke courses, bringing his own experience of design, commissioning, and troubleshooting. 

To enquire about our A2W training courses, please use the following link… 

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