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We have worked with many home owners who are looking to future proof their homes, reduce their carbon footprint and heating bills. We can help you select the right heat pump specific to your project whether it is new build or retro fit. We can help you with information on grant schemes put you in contact with the right trained and experienced installers and help you select the right kind of control system to optimise your system for efficiency and reduce running costs. We ensure every project is commissioned and set up properly to give years of comfort and reliability. Some of our heat pumps offer App control from your mobile phone or computer so you can set back the temperature and monitor energy usage wherever you are in the world, our engineers can also log in with your permission and see the settings and operation live to ensure trouble free operation.

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Why an Air Source Heat Pump?

80% of the energy used in a house is for heating and domestic hot water which is why installing an  Air source heat pump can dramatically reduce your carbon footprint and running costs.

Air source heat pumps (ASHP) are quiet, reliable and super efficient which is why the government is promoting them so heavily they are a true low carbon technology that can take the place of a boiler to produce heating and hot water for your home. They use Refrigeration technology to remove heat from the outside air and transfer it to hot water working in outside ambients down to -20C.

Because they are moving heat rather than generating it the efficiencies or Coefficient of performance (COP) are frequently as high as 3 to 1, this means for every 1Kw of electricity consumed they can transfer 3kw of heat a staggering 300% efficiency.

Air source heat pumps work very well  with under floor heating and radiators, care must be taken with radiator sizing as the flow temperature is slightly lower than boilers and in general a water tank is required for hot water so that the heat pump can store heat in the hot water ready for use.

Control of the heat pump can be from an App on your phone or PC so that you can see and change setting remotely, monitor energy usage and see live COP figures. The software also allows engineers to log in to your operational system to diagnose faults and optimize settings.

You may decide you want cooling as well as heating in some areas, this can be done with the right selection of fan coils and controls.

Choosing a System

Systems come with many different options  as homes come in  different shapes and sizes,

When you have your survey done your installer will give you the best option for your home taking into account tank location, outdoor unit location and hot water demand. He or she will advise on radiator sizing and put forward a control system as well.

If you have an Energy performance certificate (EPC) this will be useful to establish the insulation properties of the building and come up with an accurate heat loss calculation to size the heat pump properly, the hot water tank will be sized based on the number of occupants in the home and hot water use.

Across our 4 manufacturers we have a vast array of heat pumps to fit all shapes and sizes of house, we will work with your installer to select the right heat pump for your property to maximise efficiency an minimise running costs.

Finding an Installer

We have a network of experienced installers across the UK, let us know your location and type of project and we can put you in touch with the right installer for you.

You may already have an installer in mind, if so we can invite them to our training academy in Mansfield where we can bring them up to speed with all aspects of our heat pumps.

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